Jennifer Thompson, Collections and Exhibitions Manager, Bundanon Trust

In May 2008 Anne Cummins of Sydney Artefact Conservation was engaged by Bundanon Trust to carry out a conservation survey of all the ceramics and objects in the Bundanon Collection. Over two days Anne assessed approximately 460 objects including ceramics, bronze and marble sculptures and other 3D mixed media works. For each object she rated the work as to its conservation status and needs and provided detailed information accordingly. Anne’s approach was professional, methodical and her handling of the objects was exemplary leaving me to feel very reassured as to the safety of the works in her care.

As a result of the recommendations provided in the conservation survey report I then asked Anne to return to our property to carry out the required treatment for our outdoor sculptures as these were the objects that required urgent attention. The conservation treatments on the Bundanon Trust Sculpture collection were conducted by Anne and her colleague Thea Eikemo in July and August, 2008. The sculptures were removed from the gardens, cleaned, treated, coated with a clear protective wax and returned to the garden.

The report Anne provided fully documented the techniques and materials used during the treatment of the sculpture collection, with accompanying before and after treatment photographs and suggestions as to their future care. At all times Anne and Thea’s work was professional and of the highest quality.

Anne and Thea have since worked on specific ceramic pieces in our Collection that are currently part of a touring exhibition. Again both women were easy to work with, provided full information and options for treatments and invaluable advice on correct storage, handling and packing for the tour.

I am very pleased to have established this professional relationship with Sydney Artefact Conservation on behalf of Bundanon Trust and look forward to working with Anne and Thea in the future.

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